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What Is GeM Vendor Assessment?

Vendor Assessment is process, compulsory for OEMs, to get OEM panel on Gem to register your brand as manufacturer in related category with help of Trademark certificate and website. Manufactures on GeM would be required to get an assessment of their organization profile and the items that are enlisted for an offer on GeM. Vendor Assessment process devide in 2 stages,

  • Desktop Assessment
  • Video Assessment

What is Vendor Assessment Exemption?

A manufacturer can initiate vendor assessment exemption by providing required documents in below listed category

  • Central / State PSUs.
  • OEMs holding BIS License for the particular product category
  • NSIC Registered MSEs
  • EMs having Unique Certification Code (UCC) issued by DRDO/ OFB/ SITRA
  • Sellers recommended for exemption for specific categories and specified validity period by any CPSE, Central and State Government Departments/ Authorities.
  • Sellers who are Registered Societies/ Trusts/ other bodies, if these concerns have Government Representation.

Use of OEM Panel

After the vendor assessment was done successfully, the manufacturer enabled OEM Panel option in their profile. OEM panel is used to Request OEM Authority for Brand. Manufacturer required to create an OEM request for each category. with OEM panel you can manage your catalogs, reseller, and authorization.

How to apply for Vendor Assessment?

Join hands with best gem vendor assessment cosuntancy in India. we helps you to get your assessment done without any failure. if you have any query regarding vendor assessment on GeM, feel free to contact us.