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    What Is Government e-Marketplace?

    The Government e-Marketplace or GeM is an e-commerce portal managed and operated by the government that aims to increase efficiency, transparency, and speed in the procurement of common use goods and services required by different government departments, PSUs, and organizations. It provides tools for online bidding and reverse auction. It also helps ensure that government users or officers get the best value for their money. To put it clearly, it is a one-stop destination that enables easy online purchase of goods and services.

    What Is The GeM Registration?

    Under the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961, the government established the GeM in the year 2017. On obtaining a GeM registration, you will have the benefits of smart trade and commerce offered by the government using an up-to-date and user-friendly dashboard. It comes with the ease of buying and selling goods and services, as well as the provision of a flexible and transparent return policy. The primary objective of the Government e-Marketplace is to ensure efficiency, transparency, and promptness in the public procurement of goods and supplies.

    Now, What Do You Mean By Public Procurement?

    For those wondering about what public procurement is, it is basically the process by which central and state governments and the public sector units purchase services and goods from manufacturers and traders. It involves government tenders. The government procurement of these supplies requires strict adherence to procedures to make sure that the purchase process is transparent, efficient, and prompt. In addition to this, it also helps to reduce the on-site usage of public resources.

    Benefits of GeM Registration for Resellers

    There are many advantages of obtaining GeM seller registration, including the following:

    • Direct and easy access to all government departments
    • One-stop-destination for selling and marketing products up to Rs. 50,000 directly without bidding
    • One-stop-shop for bids and reverse auction on services and products
    • An excellent facility to recommend new products
    • Dynamic pricing options that allow prices to be changed based on the supply and demand conditions in the market
    • A comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard for selling and monitoring your supplies as well as payments
    • Uniform and efficient purchase procedures
    • Unique benefits for startups with relaxed norms

    Advantages of GeM Registration for Buyers

    There are a variety of benefits of acquiring GeM buyer registration, such as the following:

      • A complete listing of products for several categories of goods and services
      • Availability of options to search, compare, choose, and buy the required supplies
      • An easy and reliable way to purchase goods and services online as per the requirement
      • Encourages transparency in transaction and facilitates ease of buying
      • Comes with a continuous vendor rating system to ensure a fair marketplace
      • User-friendly dashboard for buying supplies and managing the payments
      • Provision of an easy return policy

    How To Apply For GeM Registration?

    The following can register on the Government E-Marketplace to become a seller:

        • Traders or manufacturers
        • Service providers

    The GeM registration process is quite straightforward, involving the following six simple steps

    Step 1

    You need to provide the essential details and information about your business to the web portal.

      Step 2

      Then, discuss with our expert advisors on how to get GeM Registration to ensure you obtain it in a hassle-free way.

        Step 3

        We have qualified professionals who will assess and verify the validity of your documents and business details.

          Step 4

          Once all the details are vetted and verified by our experts, we will file the GeM Registration on your behalf.

            Step 5

            Following this, you will get a call from a government authorized agency for inspecting your place of business.

              Step 6

              Successful completion of the inspection of your business place, you may start selling your products and services on the GeM portal.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                How to Obtain GeM Registration?

                The pre-requisites are as follows:

                    • Director PAN Card
                    • Company PAN Card (Only for Private/Partnership Firm)
                    • Director Aadhar Card
                    • Email ID
                    • Mobile Number
                    • Bank Details
                    • GST Certificate
                    • CIN Number (Only for Private Limited Firm)
                    • ITR Form

                What products and services can you sell on the GeM Portal?

                Currently, many products such as computers, office equipment, including printers, scanners, photocopiers, and more, air conditioners, paper, and similar stationery, packaged drinking water, projectors, UPS are selling on Government E-Marketplace.

                  What is the Procedure for Order Management on the GeM Portal?

                  After obtaining GeM government seller registration, you will start getting orders via the dashboard for sellers. Wherever a customer places a request for any product, you will receive an e-mail alert. You can manage all the orders using the portal. It is your responsibility to pack the item correctly and deliver it to the respective buyer on-time.

                    Is item posting on GeM Portal obligatory?

                    GeM is an e-commerce platform where products and services can be offered to government purchasers when products and services are added appropriately. You should transfer item pictures, item determinations, offer price, conveyance terms, assessment, and test reports, and so forth so as to sell your items on GeM gateway. Our experts can assist you with posting your items and products and services appropriately.

                      How to find out about government tender requirements?

                      It is mandatory for all Departments of the Central Government, and Government Ministries to publish their tender requests and other requirement details on the Government eMarketplace portal before purchasing anything if their order value is more than 5 Lacs. You may get access to all the tender requirements across India via GeM portal.

                        What is the Purchasing Power of Government Officers?

                        An authorized officer can make a direct purchase up to Rs. 25,000 from the suppliers who meet the quality, delivery period, and other specific requirements. Above Rs.25,001/ – and up to Rs.5,00,000/ buyer have to buy from L1 seller. For any purchase above Rs. 5,00,000, they are required to choose the BID/RA option.

                          How are payment settled on GeM?

                          Payment for the services or goods purchased via the Government E-marketplace is directly made to the seller’s bank account through online banking. The transaction gets completed within ten days after the delivery and acceptance of the goods or services or after ten days prescribed for return policy.

                            Do i need to present at your office for GeM Registration?

                            No, You don’t should be truly present for the procedure, the whole process will be online after submitting your documents.