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February 25, 2020

Smarter, better, inclusive. GeM 4.0 is our all-new technology roadmap to make GeM a powerful marketplace well in step with the times. From transparency to efficiency, the roadmap features sweeping changes that will go a long way in improving the buying and selling process. Simply put, it’s a world of cutting edge technology in the service of a business.

  1. Demand Aggregation
  2. Staggered Delivery
  3. Re-designed Bidding Module
  4. NLP based Search Engine
  5. Crowd Sourcing of Sellers
  6. Efficient Helpdesk
  7. Blockchain
  8. Advanced Analytics
  9. Revamped Ul / UX
  10. Price Sanity on marketplace
  11. Ease of Payment
  12. New Services and Categories
  13. Unified Procurement System (UPS)
  14. Introducing New Seller Rating
  15. Incident Management Policy Overhaul
  16. LDAP Integration
  17. Buyer and Seller Ideation & Collaboration
  18. Dedicated Page for CPSE’s
  19. Buyer and Sellers Incentivesment
  20. Implementation of Public Procurement
  21. Onboarding of MSMEs, Self Help Groups (SHGs), weavers, artisans including those registered in Hoonar Haat, craftsmen and TRIFED onto GeM

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